The Ostiglia thermoelectric plant, three CCGT units (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) with a net installed capacity  of 1,137 MW, is located in the municipality of the same name in the province of Mantua, on the left bank of the river Po.

It produces electricity through one of the most efficient energy transformation production processes, maximizing the thermal energy converted into electricity using gas as the primary source.

Protecting the environment and workplace safety

The plant is EMAS registered under number IT-000355 and is equipped with an environmental management system which conforms to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 as certified by an accredited environmental certifier (Certiquality).

In November 2011 the plant obtained OHSAS (Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series) certification which identifies an international standard for occupational health and safety. OHSAS 18001 certification bears witness to the application of a management system that can reduce risks for employees and suppliers, verify and ensure compliance of the procedures and improve safety performance.

In 2003 the transformation into a combined cycle plant enabled the achievement of yields of 55%, compared to 42% for the pre-existing cycle, with consequent environmental advantages such as the complete abatement of emissions of particulates and sulphur oxides and a dramatic reduction in nitric and carbon oxides.

The values of the emissions are, in their turn, controlled and recorded continuously by an emissions monitoring system and periodically communicated to the control authority.


Technical sheet
Type of plant
OS1-2-3 CCGT Ciclo Bryton
Net installed power
1.137 MW
ISO 14001, EMAS IT-000355 e OHSAS 18001
Gas turbine model
General Electric MS9001 FA+e (PG9351 FA)
Steam turbine model
Franco Tosi W27R2
S.S. 12 Abetone-Brennero, Km 239, 46035 Ostiglia (MN)